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Arzni health resort

Arzni health resort is located in Hrazdan river's beautiful canyon, at 1250 m above sea level at 23 km north of Yerevan city. The climate of Arzni resort is mild, warm and very pleasant. The temperature during the winter is around -5C 0, and during the summer the average temperature is around +22 C 0 . In autumn the temperature is very warm a long period of time. The sunny days throughout the year add up to 2236 hours. Arzni health resort is better than Covcas because of its clear days all throughout the year. The air pressure is stable without any drastic changes. The mineral water in Arzni has always been known from a long time ago for it's positive medical effects. The resorts main medicinal ingredients are mineral water with CO 2 , Na, Cl and other elements, and also healthy mountainous weather with low air pressure, Arzni's mineral water contains 1.25-2.0 gram of CO 2 per liter of and 8-10 gram per liter mineral elements, which are very helpful for treatments of various disease. In Arzni health resort (former Lechkomisia) you can find many different medical departments, which are.
  • Aspa and jacuzi with Arzni's mineral water.
  • Circular, upcoming showers and Charcoot's douche.
  • Manual therapy, massage.
  • Treatments with paraffin and peat.
  • Dietic meals four times a day.
  • Treatments with oxygen coctails, inhalatorium.
  • Acupuncture.
  • Gastrointestinal treatments with mineral water.
  • Gynecological treatments with mineral water.
  • Physical therapy (electrophores), D'Arsonval, quartz therapy, amplipuls, etc...
  • Dental service.
Diseases and patologies for treatment in Arzni medical resort:
  • Cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure.
  • Gastro - enterical diseases and hepatites.
  • Nutritional disorders and endocrine diseases (diabetes, obesity).
  • Disorders of bone, joints and muscular diseases.
  • Nervous system.
  • Gynecological disfunctions.
When visitors are not busy receiving treatments they are enjoying the interesting activities of the resort. Such as games and sports. You can also enjoy entertainment shows. The period of the treatments is for 18 days. The prices of Arzni medical resort are very suitable. It costs only $ 15-30 a day per person. In each resort room there is warm water throughout the entire day and a refrigerator. You are served four delicions meals a day. Visitors who wish to have extra service can be arranged separately. It necessary you shall be greeted separately at the airport and be taken to the resort.

Dental Clinics

Visiting Armenia you can combine the pleasant and the useful. We recommend to use the dental services offering international standards of treatment with reasonable prices.