Summer in ARMENIA.
Karin & Tomasi Peter (Bolzano, Italy)

This year we chose to spend our holidays in a very special place - Armenia! Once we had booked our flights, applied for a visa and packed our belongings, we were ready to go. For our two week stay we also booked a car in advance on the internet. When we finally reached Armenian capital Yerevan, our first impression was quite sobering, as we were faced with a completely new environment. However, we quickly regained our enthusiasm when the man at the car rental exemplified the incredible Armenian friendliness, proved to us time and again during the two following weeks. Armenians are extremely helpful and their hospitality is legendary! Just like its people, the country also has a very strong personality with its dry fields and green meadows, its mountainous landscapes and the unique scenario of Lake Sevan and its great variety of animal and floral life. 2000 m (6,250 ft) above sea level, Lake Sevan can still give anysunbather as much as any mediterranean resort. There are also countless sites of cultural importance to be visited - churches, monasteries, monuments and museums all spectacularly reflect Armenian history. The local cuisine is definitely another highlight, ranging from fresh vegetable and fruit dishes to exquisite meat and fish meals often accompanied by an excellent type of Armenian bread called Lavash.The other side of the pretty coin that is Armenia are certainly its devastated villages, abandoned factories, badly built roads and farmers living off what little harvest their land can grant, but such impressions emphasize the country's human aspect even more strongly. Travellers should either speak a bit of Russian or at least carry a dictionary, although, as in almost any country, basic needs can be communicated without knowledge of the language. English is spoken in most major towns and cities. Experience Armenia first hand and discover all its facets - it's still an insiders' tip and we can assure you, it's definitely worth it as holiday!


Tomasi Peter amp; Karin, spent 14 June 2004 to 28 June 2004 in Armenia


Summer in ARMENIA.
Mauro Pollastro & Paolo Barosso (Torino, Italy)

Armenia is a country 'out of time' unique and located at the border between Europe and Asia, where so many different cultures have left signs of their glorious past. We went there looking for places of historical interest and natural beauty and it is exactly what we have found. Armenian people are very kind and nice persons, when you meet Armenian people they will approach you smiling and trying to do their best to help you... .language is never an obstacle. We had been impressed mostly by the monasteries, especially by those located in the solitude of valleys that characterise the northern part of Armenia. Lots of trees, woods, similar to some valleys of our country, Piedmont (near France, actually the north-west part of Italy, with Turin as capital); it's difficult not to be fascinated by the solitude and wild environment of this area of Armenia. We remember the magnificent monastery of Marmashen, where you can feel the charm of a church which has been built at the beginning of seventh century and admire the beauty of the ruins located in a contest of absolute interest. Then, you can visit the charming places nearby Yerevan in order to admire the ancient pagan temple of Garni, built by King Tiridate I during first century B.C. and located in a spectacular location over a gorge, and also the monastery of Gehgard, an impressive church carved in a rock that keeps a source of holy water. Unforgettable is the red fortress Amberd located 2800 m away from Aragats mountains...then we slept at the Byurakan space observatory where we watched the stars, another great experience! At last the southern part... )protect your skin if you visit this area during summer). You can reach the monastery of Khor Virap, in the Ararat region, from which you can enjoy of the most spectacular view over the snowy peak of Mount Ararat, the biblical mountain, and after two hours of drive from Yerevan the monastery of Noravank, located in the middle of a deep gorge. What is the best way to travel around this ancient Christian country? It is renting a car and feeling the real taste of Armenian villages and the countryside. But don't forget to visit the Genocide Museum which reminds the criminal act committed by the Turks the murder of millions of Armenian people. And finally, you can't leave Armenia without having bought a bottle of good local Cognac!!

Pollastro Mauro & Paolo Barosso, spent 04 August 2004 to the 15 August 2004 in Armenia

Dear Arthur,

We had a great time visiting your beautiful country thanks to high quality of the service provided by your company and yourself always personally involved.
We got first an efficiency feeling that grown during the accurate but friendly mail exchange to define together and conclude the kind of service we were expecting from you.
The deal on 2 weeks looked indeed perfectly in line with our needs in term of robustness, mobility and price.
Later on, at the end of a long flight, to be welcomed by the Tourorent manager himself with a warm smile at the airport gate at the arrival, in the night of a too early morning turned a pain into a joy.
We will remember this very first day in Yerevan , when we discovered the city with your drive and when you made easy the paperwork to be filled in at arrival, including the visa for the Karabach !
We had a splendid time during the big tour we made discovering Armenia, in deep gorges and high mountains. The car ran perfectly and it was an unending pleasure to move around securely on its wheels.
Every day and especially every morning we had a tough to your precious advises about the good behaviour in driving in the sometimes rather bumpy Armenian roads
One important remark about the false information we read in the guide-books.
To drive in Armenia was never a problem. On the contrary, it was very easy even for us who did not speak Armenian or Russian.
Thanks to the warm welcome we founded with every people we met, each time we were a bit puzzled about some road sign (or their absence) we were immediately helped by joyful and helpful people who often took their time to go with us along the way to be sure that we were on the good track.
Many thanks again to yourself of course and to the Armenian people to have support us in the discovery is this astonishing country to be discovered with no delay (that's always our conclusion when we tell them our Armenia journey).
Best regards Monique and Eric (Belgique)

Michel Sarrouy (Republique Francaise)

Dear Sir,

We are at home since a long time and we would like to thank you for what you did to make our trip a very nice one. I write some words in french for your feedback pages : Nous avons achevé notre voyage en Arménie depuis presque un mois, le temps pour faire le point posément. En fait, notre enthousiasme ne faiblit pas. Nous avons choisi de circuler en voiture et nos recherches préalables de location nous ont permis de trouver l'agence Tourorent. Dès les premiers contacts par mail puis par téléphone, l'accueil a été très chaleureux, à l'image de celui que nous avons découvert sur place non seulement à l'agence mais aussi partout au cours de notre périple. Tout a été simple et la confiance était au rendez-vous. Le choix d'une Lada Niva pour pouvoir passer un peu partout s'est révélé judicieux. En un mois, nous avons pu aller là où nous le souhaitions, tant en Arménie même qu'au Karabagh et découvrir de multiples aspects de ces pays. Merci à Tourorent et à son patron Arthur Petrosyan d'avoir été à notre écoute et d'avoir contribué à rendre ce séjour des plus intéressants. Approximate translation: We have ended our trip in Armenia since almost one month, the time we need to speak quietly about it. In actual fact, our enthusiasm don't weaken. We chose to travel by car and during our previous quests of renting we found the Tourorent agency. Since the first contacts by mail and then by phone, the reception has been very cordial, exactly like the welcome we discover at the desk itself and all along our trip. Everything has been easy and trust was present. The choice of a Lada Niva to go almost anywhere was judicious. During one month we could go where we wished, in Armenia and in Karabagh and we discovered a lot of sights of these countries. Many thanks to Tourorent and to the boss Arthur Petrosyan for listening our wishies and for playing a great part in making our stay very interesting. Please, if you use the english version, make it better, you know my english is poor! The enclosed picture is a illustration of our tour. I took it in Sisian, near Zorats kar where we stayed two times, a wonderful place. Sincerely yours. Michel Sarrouy